Teacher:  Ray Lipovac               

Physical Education Philosophy
Physical Education is an important and essential aspect of the learning process toward total personal development of each student.  The knowledge gained in Physical Education is not only vital to a student’s present physical fitness, but is necessary to promote active and healthy lifestyles throughout a person’s life.

The overall program objective is to provide students with the opportunity to develop physical, mental and social skills through a variety of individual and team sports and activities.  Physical Education will also enable each student to establish a positive self- image, increased confidence, and to develop the appreciation of physical well-being through improved fitness early in their life.
A positive and successful learning experience in Physical Education will be a contributing factor to a healthy lifestyle throughout a person’s life.   The student that is well educated physically and understands the importance of fitness is likely to become a healthy adult who is motivated to remain healthy. The saying “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything” is an example of the importance of fitness and wellness throughout a person’s life.  The importance of healthy lifestyles is characterized by an improved quality of life, less sickness and disability, happier personal, family and social experiences and the opportunity to make healthy choices in work and recreation.
The primary objectives of the Schlagle High School Physical Education program are to develop a positive attitude towards activity and wellness.  The students will develop skills and the knowledge base to participate in life-long leisure activity to “Promote Active and Healthy Lifestyles”.

The student’s enthusiastic participation in the Physical Education program will help insure a rewarding and worthwhile life-long experience toward exercise and good health.  Our philosophy emphasizes fitness, enjoyment of physical activity, and acquisition of basic sports skills.

Studies have shown that one in five American students is overweight and that overweight people face a greater risk than others of developing heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems.

It is our hope that students will understand the importance of lifetime fitness and experience the pleasure and satisfaction that comes with accomplishing this goal.

Course Description
Students in the “Principles of Physical Education” course will develop knowledge of life-long skills in physical fitness, cardiovascular strength, endurance, muscular tone, strength, nutrition through team and individual sports and activities.  Through each unit students will be exposed to the knowledge and rules of the game or activity, strategies, tests, individual skill practice, modified games or skills, and the importance of good sportsmanship and teamwork.

Course Goals
1.   The Physical Education Curriculum focuses on making a contribution to the total development of each student
        through various activities and contribute to the principle goals of education.
2.   Objectives should be directed to not only develop the student physically but also socially, mentally, and
         emotionally as well.
3.   Through a student’s participation in Physical Education activities, they will develop skills, endurance, coordination,
         agility, strength, fitness, and knowledge of individual and team sports.
4.   The student will also develop and understanding of sportsmanship, cooperation, perseverance, competition, and
5.   The emphasis throughout the Physical Education curriculum will be on fitness, knowledge of a variety of activities, 
         and skill development.

School Improvement Plan Goals
The Physical Education Department supports the Schlagle School Improvement Plan Goals by Implementing Reading and Writing activities, Utilizing Problem-Solving Math Strategies, and having an on-going emphasis on intrinsic Motivation for “Promoting Active and Healthy Lifestyles”.

Physical Education Class Rules and Student Expectations
The Rules, PE Class Procedures, and Student Expectations contained in this syllabus are also posted in the locker room.  This information is presented at the beginning of the academic year, and reviewed throughout each semester on a regular basis or as needed.

Student Behavior Discipline Policy  
Appropriate behavior is expected at all times.  In addition to PE Rules, all school rules and KCK district Code of Conduct rules will also apply while in Physical Education class. 

If a student is not in class whether “excused” or “unexcused” that student does not have the opportunity to earn their points for the day. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the student to make up the points that they have missed just like missing and making up assignments in any other classroom.  “PE Make-Up” information will be provided to students throughout the semester.

In addition, all school policies pertaining to classroom attendance will also apply.

All Physical Education students must be in the locker room at the start of the classroom.  If a student is Tardy then the school policy regarding Tardies will apply.

The student must also be dressed and in the gym at the designated time.  Being on time for class but being late from the locker room and in the gym for PE class will result in deduction of points.

Student Behavior
All school rules regarding appropriate student behavior regarding respect, responsibility, and self-control will also apply in PE class.  Students that have inappropriate behavior will be dealt with accordingly by school discipline policy.

Physical Education Portfolio
Students are REQUIRED for having a 3-ring Notebook to be used as their “Physical Education Portfolio” notebook.   This notebook will contain a variety of Physical education assignments and projects.  
This notebook should be kept in your PE locker or in a designated place as instructed by the teacher.

PE Dress Code
All students are required to dress for Physical Education class.   Dressing for PE Class allows the student the freedom of movement necessary for maximum participation and safety in all PE activities. Personal hygiene is also very important to students and changing for PE class enables the student to feel better about themselves during the remainder of the school day.

    -  T-shirts or sweatshirts – blue, white gold, gray or black
    -  Shorts or sweat pants or warm-up suits - blue, white gold, gray or black (jean shorts are not allowed.)
    -  Athletic shoes (that do not mark up the floor).  Sandals are not allowed.

All other school rules that apply to school dress code as far as appropriate clothing also apply to PE clothing.
PE classes will be going outside often throughout the semester.  Students should be prepared for cool weather and dress appropriately.

Policy for Not Dressing for PE Class
Dressing for PE class is required.  If a student does not dress then that student will not be able to participate in the regular PE class activity.  However, the student will be expected to participate in an alternate class activity as designated by the teacher.  The most common alternate activity will be walking in a designated area throughout the class time.

                     for taking care of their Lock, Locker and their Clothing.

Students should never share lockers.   Students should never give their locker combination to another student.

Each student is assigned a small locker to use for the school year.  Students can also use a big locker during the time that they are in P.E. class.  After class is over they should put their P.E. clothes back in their small locker and put their lock on it. Students should not keep their lock on a big locker when they are not in P.E. class.    If the student loses their assigned lock they will be charged $5.00.

Leaving the Gym or designated area during PE Class.
While in PE class the student should always be in the correct area as designated by the PE teacher at all times.  Because the gym and locker room are on 2 different floors all students will stay in ONE group with the rest of the class. 
The student will NOT be allowed to use the restroom during class.  This can be done before or after class.
The student will NOT be able to re-enter the locker room for any reason after class begins. 
Students may not leave the classroom or an outside designated area without permission of the teacher.  A pass is required for leaving class.

“30/30 Rule”.  Students will not be issued hall passes during the first 30 minutes or the last 30 minutes of each period.  It is the student’s responsibility to use the restroom during passing period or when in the locker room before or after class.

End of Class Dismissal   
Students will be dismissed by the PE teacher and NOT the clock or bell.

Food and Drink Policy     
Students are NOT permitted to bring drinks and snacks to PE class. 
All other School Rules will also apply in Physical Education class.

1.  The student should NEVER use any equipment without the teacher’s permission or supervision.
2.  Always take care of the equipment being used. The student will be held responsible for any damage done to
        the equipment as a result of their carelessness.
3. All students will assist with daily set up and pick up of equipment.

Student Expectations
1.    Be On Time for class.
2.    Be Prepared by dressing for PE class.
3.    Be Involved  by participating in all class activities to the best of your own abilities.
4.    Be Safe .  Follow the teacher’s instructions for class activities and take care of equipment  
5.    Be Respectful of others.
6.    Be Responsible by always having PE clothes for class. Be Responsible for your behavior.
7.    Listen, Learn, and Follow directions.
7.    Demonstrate Good Sportsmanship and respect for others through Team and Individual activities.
8.    Apply the learned skills and Knowledge in all related PE activities.
9.    Demonstrate appropriate behavior and be a Good Role Model for others.
10.  Develop Life-long Skills and Knowledge in many activities.
11.  Develop an appreciation for Fitness throughout your life.
12.  Get FIT and HAVE FUN !

Medical Excuses / Injuries
If you have a medical problem, illness or reason that may affect your participation in PE class, please let the teacher know immediately.

If a student is unable to participate due to an injury, illness, etc. he /she will be excused for the day provided a note from home is given to the teacher. An alternate assignment will be given in order for the student to receive a partial credit for the missed activity

If the student is unable to participate for more than three consecutive days, then a doctor’s note is required. Again, a written/alternate assignment will be given for missed activities.
If a student is injured or becomes ill during class time, it is essential that the student notify their PE teacher immediately! 

The grading system for Physical Education will be based on a point system. 
The grading scale for Physical Education is
100 – 90% =A,   89 - 80% = B,   79 - 70 % = C,   69 – 60 % = D,   59 % and below = F.  

Grades in the form of points are awarded Daily and are based on: Dressing for class, Participation in class and the amount of effort displayed, following directions, sportsmanship, and positive interaction with other students.

  The Physical Education Grading system FOR PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES is as follows:
    10 Points - Dressed, Participating demonstrating OUTSTANDING Effort, and provided EXTRA Cooperation.
      8 Points -  Dressed, Participating demonstrating Average Effort.
      6 Points -  Dressed, Participating demonstrating Partial Effort.
      3 Points -  Not Dressed for Class, But Participated in Alternate Activity for Non- Dressers.
      1 Point   -  Not Dressed for Class, Limited Participation in Alternate Activity for Non- Dressers.
      0 Points -  Absence from Class OR No participation in activities.

In addition to Points awarded for Physical Activity classes, Points are also awarded for Physical Education WRITTEN Weekly assignments and Projects.  Points will vary depending on each assignment.

“PE Make UP” Activities
If a student misses participating in a Physical Education class for any reason, excused or unexcused, or is behind in points, the student is able complete a PE Make-Up activity. 
    Make-Up PE sessions may be done at various times during the year depending on availability of the gym.  Make-Up activities could also consist of written assignments.  Information on Make-Ups will be provided during the semester.

Curriculum and Activities
The Physical Education Curriculum that will be used this semester will involve both Team and Individual sports and activities in addition to Physical Fitness testing.  It will also be determined by class size and equipment available.   There will also be periods throughout the semester for Health class.

Class Procedure
All students will report to the locker room at the beginning of PE class even though they may be excused or choose not to dress for PE class.  At the end of class all students will return to the locker room to be excused. 

Students have 5 minutes to dress at the beginning of class and 5 minutes at the end.  All students will leave the locker room at the same time enter.

Each class will start with a Warm-Up period with students jogging for a designated amount of time then going to assigned squad lines for a Stretching period.  This includes students that are not dressed for class.

Safety in all activities and safety factors regarding student behavior is stressed at all times. Any injury or illness that occurs during the class time should be reported to the teacher immediately.  This is
especially true regarding heat related injuries.
Physical Education Homework  Throughout the semester students will be assigned PE homework to do outside of class time.  This will consist of a Fitness Journal and other activities that correspond with personal fitness and will record, monitor and analyze personal fitness levels.


Student and Parent Signature Form
It is the responsibility of the student to understand the rules pertaining to our Physical Education program.  Students are required to share the Physical Education Course Syllabus with their parents or guardians and obtain their signature. Please sign and return this sheet to the Physical Education Course Syllabus to the Physical Education teacher.

Parents and guardians can assist in the student’s success by discussing the importance of these rules and policies to ensure the student’s success in Physical Education.

The Physical Education syllabus should be kept in the student’s Physical Education Portfolio notebook.

Please fill out and return the requested information at the bottom of this sheet.
Students will receive 10 bonus points if this sheet is returned to the teacher within the next 5 days!

I have read and understand the policies of the Physical Education program.

Student Name:  (PRINT) ______________________   Student Signature: ______________________  

Date:____________Class  Period: _______   

I have read and discussed the Physical Education syllabus with my child.

Parent/Guardian Name:  (PRINT) _____________________   Parent/Guardian Signature: _____________________  

Date: ____________

Home Phone Number __________________ Work Number __________________   e-mail address   _______________

Emergency contact person ________________                      Phone Number ________________   

Please list below any medical conditions regarding the student that P.E. teacher should be aware of. 
Medical Conditions

The Physical Education Staff looks forward to working with your child and appreciates your support throughout the school year. Thank you for your assistance with this important information regarding your child and our Physical Education program.

If you have any questions or concerns during the school year regarding your child in Physical Education, please contact me at school by calling 913-627-7500.  My Planning Periods are Periods 5 and 6 or you can call and leave a message.


Ray Lipovac

Schlagle High School Physical Education Teacher